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The Lodge

The Lodge 2021


The Red Sea Lodge, in cooperation with TorinoFilmLab, seeks to empower cinematic talents, preparing them to launch and succeed in the world of cinema. With that goal, twelve projects were selected to participate in an intensive program that aims to develop them, taking the necessary steps to get them closer and closer to the big screen. 

In 2021, the Lodge expanded its program across nine months and five workshops to give the chosen participants a broad overview and strong grounding in different aspects of filmmaking, enabling them to explore their projects’ full dramatic and production potential. Participants have been mentored by a Head of Script Development and Head of Production, with guidance from specialists across the industry.

Alongside ongoing script development sessions, the program included a producer coaching program covering professional development, production, financing, sales and marketing. There were also opportunities to work with internationally experienced experts in directing, cinematography, editing sound, post-production and sales.

Following development and meetings with industry professionals, two projects will each be awarded the annual Red Sea Lodge production prize, comprising a $100,000 grant, in addition to the opportunity to have the Arab premiere of their film at the Red Sea International Film Festival.