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Music for Film

The Music for Film Lab is a 7 day intensive hands on program. The aim of this program is to train composers into the art and the craft of film scoring, its unique aspects, its diverse vocabulary, technological tools and the layers of skill sets that the modern film composer needs to possess in order to create & deliver an original score of the industry’s highest standards.

The outcome shall be the elevation of the craftsmanship of the composers through their enhanced understanding of scoring drama, the training of their storytelling instincts and the infusion of their own unique musical idioms and character.

“Writing a tune is like sculpting” –  John Williams


The Program

The hands-on workshops will include theory and specific practical assignments where the participant composers will be applying that theory and evaluate its application with the tutors on site.
By the end of the program, composers will have a better understating on Film Scoring, Orchestration, Instrumentation Techniques, and Music technology.
Prior to the In person workshop, composers will attend a prelude virtual session to start working on their assigned work, to fully grasp the practical element in music composing for the in person workshop.

Dates: October 9th to the 15th, 2023
Selected Participants will attend a 7-day workshop.
Location: Jeddah – Saudi Arabia


Participants selected by the Red Sea Labs must commit to participating in the training for the entire duration of the program, including attending all sessions, meeting the program’s demands as outlined by mentors and course moderators, and making themselves available to work on their projects given the required deadlines. If a participant is unable to attend due to unanticipated circumstances, they should speak with the Labs department so that the situation can be evaluated
• Following Selection, Participants will have an assignment prior to the October workshop.

Submission requirements

Must be submitted in the English Language

  1. Fill The Application Form below
  2. Materials required
    • Intro Video: Short video presentation to tell us about yourself, your experience in the
    industry, and why you’re interested to be part of the Music for Film Program.
    • A private Soundcloud link of a playlist with a selection of max. 5 of your best compositions (preferably film scoring cues).
    • Score sheets (conductor’s score only) of any of your musical works. (optional).
    • Professional CV (in PDF format)
How Do I Apply?

Fill out the Online Application Form available on the Website

Who Can Apply?

Saudis/ Saudi Residents - from professionals to up-and-coming talents seeking to
launch their careers as music composers.

What Do I Need to Submit?

All required material can be found in the Application form.
Any Written material must be submitted in the English Language.

When and where will the workshop take place?

October 9th - 15th, Jeddah, KSA

Do participants pay for travel and accommodation?

All travel and accommodation arrangements will be covered for those outside of the Jeddah.

Applications are closed

Full application requirements are outlined above.
For further information
Contact: [email protected]