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Red Sea Film Foundation

The Red Sea Film Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization created to support the film industry in Saudi Arabia in the production and distribution of films, as well as education on cinema.  The Foundation’s initiatives support the ambitious plans for the Kingdom in the entertainment industries, with its pillars of a vibrant society, an ambitious nation and a thriving economy.

Champions of film culture in Saudi Arabia and across the Arab world. Discover global cinema, support filmmakers, develop skills, and make ideas reality through year-round programs.



Jomana R. Alrashid


Mohammed Asseri

Acting CEO

Shivani Pandya Malhotra

Managing Director

Red Sea International Film Festival

Every year, ten days of film, new and old – encounter the makers, learn from the masters, be inspired by the best.

The Red Sea International Film Festival is for film lovers, filmmakers, and the global film industry. See the blockbusters of the future before they hit the big screen. Discover old favorites with lovingly curated retrospectives and restored classics. Explore immersive audio-visual worlds and try something new with experimental and short film strands.

The Festival’s fourth edition will take place December 5—14, 2024 in Jeddah, at the new headquarters in Al Balad.

Red Sea Souk

A comprehensive industry program running alongside the public Festival, the Red Sea Souk is the opportunity to connect with the Arab film scene.

Red Sea Signature Programs

 The Red Sea Signature Programs is the distribution, production, developing, and exhibition arm at the Red Sea Film Festival Foundation. It encompasses all the Foundationʼs investment and grant funds under one umbrella to elevate the local and regional industry of filmmaking to a new level by creating healthy and competitive opportunities.

Red Sea Lodge

In collaboration with the TorinoFilmLab, the Lodge hand-picked twelve emerging filmmakers, pairing each with an experienced mentor to support and enhance their work throughout the creative process.

Red Sea Fund

The Red Sea Fund is unleashing the biggest funding boost for the industry this year. Backing 100+ directors to bring their vision on the big screen, with grants totaling 14 million US dollars – supporting film projects from development to post-production.