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The SeriesLab, is a hands-on professional and creative writing program that provides writers the opportunity to work on their TV series pilot. The SeriesLab aims to create a platform for series/episodic writers and give them the right tools and guidance to create the next must-watch television sensation.

The SeriesLab selects projects for full development and mentorship, supervised by professional TV writers, showrunners, and industry experts. The SeriesLab prepares participants to write compelling stories and prepare them to pitch their pilot to major television networks and streaming platforms.

The seven-month program consists of a group writers workshop, one-to-one meetings, case studies, and masterclasses. Towards the end of the workshop, writers will be working on their pitch.

The workshops take place between the United States and Saudi Arabia.

Applications are now closed

The Program

Writers will attend the following workshops each month From June to December:

Lab#1: June 8-13 (Virtual)
Lab#2: July 6-11 (In Person - LA, USA)
Lab#3: August 6th-10th ( In Person - Jeddah)
Lab#4: September 10th-14th (Virtual)
Lab#5: October  10th-14th (Virtual)
Lab#6: November-December ( In Person, During the RSFF)

● Participants selected by the Red Sea Labs must commit to participating in the training for the entire duration of the program, including attending all sessions, meeting the program's demands as outlined by mentors and course moderators, and making themselves available to work on their projects between workshops and meeting the required deadlines. If a participant is unable to attend due to unanticipated circumstances, they should speak with the Labs department so that the situation can be evaluated.
● Following each workshop, writers will have assignments and one-on-one
tutoring to implement lessons. At the end of the program, writers will have a final recap of all elements taught to assure mastery.

Submission requirements

* All documents must be submitted in the English Language

1- Submitter’s Personal Info

● Full Name
● Phone Number
● Email
● Nationality
● Residence
● Birth Date. Day/Month/Year
● Profile picture


2- Materials required

Introductory Video:
Short video presentation to tell us about yourself, your experience, and why you’re interested in the SeriesLab. Tell us about your series idea.

Personal Statement
Write a personal statement that outlines your background, experience, and goals as a writer.
This statement should demonstrate your passion for screenwriting and explain why you are interested in the SeriesLab. (250 words or fewer)
- Why are you the best person to tell this story?
- Why do you have to tell this story now?
- What connects you to this story?

Resume or CV (Optional) :
Submit a resume or CV that highlights any relevant experience as a writer, filmmaker, or in other related fields (2 pages or fewer)

2-3 sentences about the series.


Write a brief summary or overview of the plot, characters, and themes of your screenplay idea (approx. 175 words or fewer)

Character Profile:
Provide brief characters’ description (2-4 sentences) of the five main characters in your series

Mood Board
Design a collage of images and written text that illustrates the world, theme, look and feel of the series.

Writing Sample:
Provide a writing sample of either your screenplay OR a scene using one of the acceptable prompts provided to you. [Extra details on writing sample submission requirements provided below]

Sample Requirements
1. At the top of the page you must include:
● Your full name
● Genre of writing sample
● The full prompt you used for your writing sample OR whether your sample is an original work from your screenplay

2. Writing sample should be approximately five pages and/or 650 words

3.Samples should be written in screenplay format, containing
● 12-point-Courier font
- Double-spacing
1 inch margins on all sides

● Proper scene headings, action lines, character names, dialogue, and transitions
4. Writing sample must be submitted in PDF format

Writing Sample PROMPTS:
● Write a scene in which two characters who have been friends since childhood have a falling out over a major disagreement.
● Write a scene in which a character makes a life-changing decision that affects the people around them.
● Write a scene where a character confronts their biggest fear.
● Write a scene in which a character faces an unexpected obstacle that forces them to reevaluate their goals and priorities.
● Write a scene in which a character must choose between loyalty to their family or loyalty to their own beliefs.
● Write a scene in which a character discovers a secret that threatens to unravel their entire world.
● Write a scene in which a character is forced to confront the consequences of their action.
● Write a scene in which a character experiences a moment of realization or epiphany that changes the course of their life

Please Note: Whether you are using the writing prompts or a scene from your own series idea, the most important thing is to demonstrate your ability to tell a compelling story within the given page limit. Good luck!


Who Can Apply?

Saudis/ Saudi Residents - Each project can consist of one to two writers
The SeriesLab invites writers of all experience levels, from professionals to up-and-coming talent seeking to launch their careers. The best applicants are those who exhibit a great desire to enhance existing abilities, learn new ones, and commit to advancing their creativity and professional careers.

Will you consider writing teams?

Yes. We will consider writing teams of up to two writers. Co- writers can be of any other nationality.

Can more than one project be submitted?

Yes. You may submit separate applications for multiple projects.

What Do I need to Submit?

All required material can be found in the submission requirements. All material must be submitted in the English Language.

Can I apply with a director, producer, or other team members?

No, This program is for writers only.

Will you consider adaptations of other existing works (films, novels, magazine articles, etc.)?

Yes. As long as the writer (or writers) has obtained the rights to the original source material and can reveal the legal rights for the Red Sea Labs to examine. Or if the story is in the Public Domain.

Do participants pay for travel and accommodation?

No. The Red Sea Labs will cover the cost for travel and accommodation for the in person workshops.


Deadline for applications is 13th Of May 11:59p KSA time.

Full application requirements are outlined above. For further information contact:
[email protected]