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souk faq's

Where and how do I register for a Souk badge?

What can I access with my Souk badge?

You will enjoy access to the Exhibitor Hall, press and industry screenings, Cinando account and exposure, talent days, the Project Market and Work-In-Progress workshops.

Who is eligible for a Souk badge?

Film and TV professionals (business/cultural side of filmmaking), exhibitors, partners, sponsors (industry-related), all guests invited by Souk, jury members and the Board of Trustees.

Is it recommended to stay for the full four days of the Souk?

Yes, to maximize the benefit of your experience and explore all opportunities.

Can I attend a festival screening with my Souk badge?


Where can I pick up my Souk badge and bag?

From the accreditation office.

Can I access festival areas with my Souk badge?


Can I walk the red carpet with my Souk badge?

Only if you have a red carpet screening ticket for the film.

What is the attire/dress code for the gala screening?

Formal dress code.

Who can exhibit at the Souk?

Film commissions, distribution companies, sales companies and cinema institutions.

Where can I stay during my participation?

Please refer to the “general questions” section on our website; Hotel List.

What is the Red Sea Souk Project Market?

For information, please visit:

What is the Red Sea Souk “Work-In-Progress Showcase”?

Where can I find information about the last edition of the Red Sea Souk?

For information, please visit:

talent days faq's

When will the Talent Days take place?

The Talent Days will take place on Dec 7 and Dec 8, 2022.

How can I attend the Talent Days?

You are more than welcome to participate in our conferences and workshops. Access is granted with any Red Sea International Film Festival Badge.

When will I know more about the schedule?

The schedule will be announced on our website mid-November.

Do I need to book a ticket in advance to attend a Talent Days conference?

You will be able to book a ticket with your badge online through our website, or by visiting our box offices.

Will the Talent Days offer networking sessions?

The Talent Days will be the occasion to bring different industry networking opportunities, and facilitate discussions and knowledge exchange between all participants.

For more information please visit: