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Souk Exhibitors

Al Ula Film

Film AlUla is The Royal Commission for AlUla’s film agency, established to promote and support international film and TV production in the County of AlUla in northwest Saudi Arabia. Its aim is to position AlUla as an international filming destination and develop the services, facilities, and infrastructure in the region to create a film-friendly ecosystem. 

Arabia Pictures Group

A unique 360° creative service provider that combines local knowledge with creative results. The Saudi company specializing in media truly knows the culture and speaks the local language with international standards. They are a team of passionate professionals driven by expertise, talent and experienced leaders. The Group companies cover the fields of production, advertising, events, platforms, podcasts, talents, distribution and music production.


Arab Radio and Television Network (ART) is one of the major players in the Arab Film Industry, with a wide array of activities including production, co-production, distribution and financing.  ART has the largest library of classical and modern Arabic Media content which represents almost 60% of the entire heritage. ART aims to raise the visibility of Arab filmmakers and stimulate film production in the Arab world.

British Consulate

The British Council is the United Kingdom’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. Its purpose is to create international opportunities for the people of the UK and other countries and build trust between them worldwide. The British Council’s body of work targets four key areas: English, education, arts and society, with a focus on young people.


The leading distributor of Saudi films both domestically and internationally. It has the market’s largest Saudi film library and is regarded as one of the region’s most influential contributors to the local film industry. Cinewaves Film aims to invest in the film industry by supporting a diverse production every year, in addition to paving the way for the next generation of film industry experts.

Cuckoo crew

Proudly servicing productions of all sizes in Jeddah and other cities in Saudi Arabia, Cuckoo Crew Productions has catered to all in-house productions as well as external clients. With extra attention to detail, their location scouts are well-equipped with the right knowledge, experience and administrative resources to arrange that perfect location for any visual production.

French Consulate

The Consulate General of France (CGF) aims to assist and protect French nationals residing in the district of Western Saudi Arabia. The Consul General of France, Mr. Mostafa Mihraje, is also the special envoy of France to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation based in Jeddah. A dedicated CGF service, led by Mr. Charles-Henry Gros, is in charge of cooperation with the Circle of Friends of French Culture (CACF).

Ithra, the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture

The King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra) is the Kingdom’s premier cultural and creative destination for talent development and cross-cultural experiences. Ithra offers inspiring workshops, performances, programs and events designed to deliver an enriching journey for everyone by broadening cultural horizons, celebrating creativity and encouraging collaboration, with the aim of energizing Saudi Arabia’s knowledge economy.


A subsidiary company under the Mohammed bin Salman “MiSK” Foundation, Manga Productions focuses on producing animations, developing video games and creating comics with creative and positive content targeting the different local and international audiences to inspire the heroes of tomorrow. Manga Productions was established to tell inspiring stories through interesting and enjoyable visual channels, and to transfer world class content-making techniques to Saudi Arabia.


MBC Group, the region’s largest multimedia company, is home to 20 flagship satellite television channels, digital and online offerings and premium content production, in addition to 24-hour news and two radio stations; MBC FM and Panorama FM. With the Group’s VOD platforms  —Shahid and Shahid VIP— MBC takes pride in its mission to produce the region’s most compelling stories.


NEOM is the cornerstone of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 that plans for the future of the Kingdom. NEOM’s focus is to become the regional epicenter of media industries, offering an unparalleled environment for content creation and establishing itself amongst elite global media hubs. NEOM is creating a new center for the region’s media and creative industries. It will deliver industry-focused applied learning to support the ongoing development of talent across the development and production process, establishing a sustainable crew depth talent pool, skilled to international standards, to support the local, regional and international industry.


Through the production, distribution and advertising of Saudi Arabian, Arab and international films, NStars Group is a pioneer in the Saudi filmmaking market, with offices located in Saudi Arabia and the GCC. Founded by the creators of some of the most influential Arab companies in the world, NStars aims to deliver a message through its works with rich and purposeful content, raising the standard and showcasing Saudi and Arab entertainment all over the world.


Rotana is where a world of artists and visionaries with a passion for film, music and television resides. With the largest film library in the Arab world, Rotana broadcasts Egyptian and Arabic premieres, classic and contemporary films, and so much more to a massive MENA audience, including Arab women and expats.

Rowad Media

Rowad Media is one of the first Saudi media production and film distribution companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It aims to empower a modern and innovative integrated entertainment and media industry with professional standards by organizing commercial releases and film festivals throughout the Kingdom. Rowad Media also owns Cinema 70, the first film brand to be officially registered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property (SAIP)

A Saudi Arabian national authority that aims to protect and strengthen intellectual property. The Authority accomplishes its target by leading intellectual property strategies, policies, laws and regulations, granting and driving intellectual property rights, supporting its generation, growth and use. It also aids in the protection of the Kingdom’s interests internationally.

Saudi Film Commision

The Film Commission is a Saudi Arabian governmental body affiliated with the Ministry of Culture, established in February of the year 2020, and headquartered in the capital, Riyadh. The authority aims to develop the film sector and the production environment in Saudi Arabia, in addition to motivating and empowering Saudi filmmakers.

Telfaz 11

Telfaz11 is a creative media production company with offices in Saudi Arabia and the UAE, specializing in locally-relevant entertainment content from the Middle East. Combining narratives drawn from local culture with elements of comedy and drama that resonate strongly with both regional and global audiences, Telfaz11’s innovative approach has attracted a devoted and growing fan base in the region and beyond. 

VOX Cinemas

The cinema arm of Majid Al Futtaim, VOX Cinemas is the fastest-growing cinema business in the MENA region, operating more than 600 cinema screens across eight markets. In Saudi Arabia, VOX Cinemas runs 154 screens across 15 theatres in six cities, making it the biggest cinema by screen count. It is also the largest independent film distributor in the Kingdom.