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Souk Exhibitors


Advancers is a leading Casting management studio working on all kind of projects starting from films, series, plays and advertisement campaigns and working with best available solutions and standard to get the projects to the best possible outcomes for our clients. work with the biggest media platform and productions companies in Saudi Arabia, Middle East, and Europe professionally and working on the finest details that serve all clients and projects. Also, A representative agency aims to improve productivity by managing, organizing, and facilitating all the affairs of representatives in various works and projects. It also aims to promote new talents that serve the industry and to add promising new young talents to the field.

African Cultural Agency

The African Cultural Agency (ACA) is headed by Aminata Diop Johnson, founder of the African Pavilion, the first platform that ensures the influence of the cultural and creative industries of the continent and the diaspora during major cultural events. 

Accelerating opportunities and visibility for the continent’s cinematographies, the African Pavilion is a multifunctional platform that strengthens the skills of professionals, stimulates creativity and innovation, and promotes the tangible and intangible heritage of the continent. 

Since 2019, ACA has invested in the promotion of young talent through its “Talented Cameras of Africa” program, which has already enabled some thirty filmmakers to present their films or projects at the Cannes Film Festival, with customized support (workshops, masterclasses, etc.). 

Finally, ACA assists its clients in launching new projects on the continent, through the development of communication strategies, institutional campaigns and creative and innovative influence marketing. 

AmCham – American Chamber of Commerce

The American Chamber of Commerce in Saudi Arabia serves as a platform for the American business community to connect, grow, and prosper. We analyze and provide insights on policies and structural changes impacting American business interests through our ten sector committees that represent established industries and emerging markets in Saudi Arabia. AmCham Saudi Arabia is a Kingdom-wide organization, with headquarters in Riyadh and active chapters in the Eastern Province and Jeddah. Our members engage in leadership roles within our committees, participate in industry panels and policy forums, network at social events, and contribute to thought leadership through a variety of platforms. AmCham Saudi Arabia is a registered nonprofit and NGO. All memberships and sponsorships are tax-deductible within the United States.

Arabia Pictures

Arabia Pictures Group is a unique Saudi company specializes in media that truly knows the culture and speaks the local language with international standards. We are a team of passionate professionals driven by Expertise, Talents & Experienced Leaders. Our companies: PRODUCTION | ADVERTISING | EVENTS | PLATFORMS | PODCAST | TALENTS | DISTRUBTION | MUSIC PRODUCTION We are 360° creative service provider that combine the local knowledge with creative results.

Arab Cinema Center

Founded by MAD Solutions in 2015, the Arab Cinema Center (ACC) is a nonprofit organization registered in Amsterdam. The ACC is an international promotional platform for Arab cinema as it provides the filmmaking industry with a professional window to connect with its counterparts from all over the world, through several events organized by ACC. The ACC also provides networking opportunities with representatives of companies and institutions specialized in co-production and international distribution, among others. The ACC’s activities vary between film markets, stands, and pavilions, networking sessions and one-on-one meetings bringing

together Arab and foreign filmmakers, welcome parties, meetings with international organizations and festivals, and the issuance of the Arab Cinema Magazine to be distributed at the leading international film festivals and markets.


“ArabsStock” the largest “Real” Arabic and Gulf royalty-free stock platform that provides licensed digital content of all kinds such as images, video, graphics, audio, and others to be presented to users all over the world.
ArabsStock aims to create profitable work opportunities for all creators including photographers, directors, designers, musicians and people who aspire to develop and enrich the Arabic culture and content, by licensing the use of their creative content to all the world.

Arab Radio and Television Network (ART)

Arab Radio and Television Network (ART) is one of the major players in the Arab Film Industry, with a wide array of activities including: production, co-production, distribution &financing.
ART has the largest library of classical & recent Arabic Media content which represents almost 60% of the entire heritage.
ART aims to raise the visibility of Arab filmmakers and stimulate film production in the Arab world.


Black Light is a leading media and entertainment company in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia founded by young, passionate, and committed filmmakers and actors. Founded in 2014, The company specializes in media production (scripts for films, commercials, corporate documentaries, educational or web series material), and live entertainment such as stand-up comedy, theatrical productions, and musical shows.

British Council

The British Council is the UK’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. We work with over 100 countries in the fields of arts and culture, English language, education and civil society. Last year we reached over 65 million people directly and 731 million people overall including online, broadcasts and publications. We make a positive contribution to the countries we work with – changing lives by creating opportunities, building connections and engendering trust. Founded in 1934 we are a UK charity governed by Royal Charter and a UK public body.

The British Council’s office in Saudi Arabia was established in 1975 in Riyadh, Jeddah and Khobar. We work in four key areas: English, education, arts and society, with a focus on youth. 

In our arts programmes we have helped a new generation of male and female Saudi artists find new ways to be recognised within Saudi Arabia and internationally.


Cinecrew is a leading local rental house with professional advanced equipments a crew of skilled technicians and a studio built to accommodate production needs. (Cameras, light and grip)

CineWaves Films

A leading company in distributing Saudi films locally and internationally, owning the largest Saudi films library in the market, and one of the most contributors to the Saudi film industry in the region. Contributing and investing in the film industry, our vision is a global library of diverse content in a single market for film on all regional and global platforms.

Ctrl Production Services

Ctrl operates within the production industry, collaborating with producers to provide them with professional production services at a scale. We provide our production management services, locations management, trucks and supporting services to simplify, facilitate and manage complex production requirements across the kingdom.

Cultural Fund

The Cultural Development Fund aims to enable the Saudi film sector by launching programs that provide financing packages to help businesses to thrive while contributing to the growth of the Saudi film sector domestically and internationally. This is all part of the Fund’s role to activate the 16 cultural sectors that have been identified within the National Culture Strategy through development programs with different financing mechanisms, designed to enable the cultural sector in various fields, such as content industry and development, education and training, infrastructure support, distribution, marketing of cultural outputs, operating cultural facilities, enabling digital transformation in the cultural sector. In addition to the investment programs that the Fund intends to design to increase the cultural sector’s contribution to the Kingdom’s economy. The Fund will also provide non-financial advisory services to all entities and individuals working in the various cultural fields.

Film AlUla

Film AlUla is The Royal Commission for AlUla’s film agency, established to promote and support film and TV production in the County of AlUla, situated in northwest Saudi Arabia. Its mission is to position AlUla as a world-class filming destination offering high-end financial incentives to productions with 40% cash rebate program.
An area of outstanding natural and cultural significance, AlUla features some of the world’s most sensational scenery. It is home to 200,000 years of history, including the ancient city of Hegra, the Kingdom’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The region boasts an area of 22,500 km with diverse terrain and features breathtaking rock formations, volcanic craters, a luscious oasis, untouched wilderness, fascinating wildlife, and vast sandstone canyons. The extraordinary pristine landscapes are the perfect backdrop for a wide range of genres and can stand in for different countries, cities, or even another period in time.

France’s Pavilion

The France’s Pavilion is in the Souk’s heart.
The Consulate General of France in Jeddah and the Alliance Française of Saudi Arabia have been partners of the Red Sea International Film Festival since its creation and also co-initiated in 2020 the ´48h Film Challenge´.
Present in Jeddah for over 150 years, the Consulate General is proud of its reputation as a cultural key player. It strives to build strong ties with artists and project leaders from both countries.
In connection with the association Génération 2030, which has set out to strengthen our bilateral exchanges, the Consulate General of France and the Alliance Française in Saudi Arabia will perform the France Pavilion in order to facilitate exchanges between cinema experts: “Together, with you, you and us, you and I, hand in hand, articulate partnerships, produce, co-produce, support, shape, grow, train, teach, elevate, share, bring together, build, attract, promote, exchange, deliberate, configure, combine, move”.

Full Screen

Full Screen is a Saudi art production institution that has been working since 2018 to produce programs, documentaries and commercial advertisements through a diverse artistic template, along with its quest to build professional cadres in the media industry. The philosophy of the full screen is based on the axes of “professionalism” and “focus”, as it draws its tools from the prominent production experiences and expertise around the world. The full screen keeps pace with the tremendous development in media production and digital content management using modern technologies and building relationships with the most famous directors, photographers, authors and technicians around the world. The full screen works to provide valuable media content in a way that keeps pace with the contemporary and supports values and principles using unique methods that convey knowledge with entertainment and enjoyment under the slogan “We seek better content.”


Hakawati Entertainment is a leading, Saudi owned and operated, production house specializing in TV drama and comedy, reality, variety shows, and films. Hakawati also enables local talent as a Literary Management company, working closely with writers, directors, and actors to express their unique voices.
After producing over 20 works that are enjoyed by tens of millions across the region, Hakawati is now setting its sights to the rest of the world, competing with our authentic, local voice for a wide-reaching global audience.

Hecat Studio

Founded in Paris in 2011, HECAT Studio is a production company specializing in Visual Effects and Animation production. The core team behind the company has more than 22 years of experience on big box office projects like 300, Matrix, Speed Racer, Thor, Alexander, and more. The company started as a post-production facility and was behind many successful Arabic and International projects like Omar Bin Khattab in 2011 and Saraya Abdeen in 2015. In 2019 HECAT launched the co-production platform. Along with National Geographic and Disney, the company was nominated for the Oscars and won two Emmy Awards in 2020. HECAT now has its production slate, and HECAT will venture into the company’s first projects in 2023. HECAT celebrates its 10 years anniversary by attending the Red Sea Film Festival.


The King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra) is a cultural, creative and multidimensional destination. An inspiring space for self-discovery, creativity and stimulating innovation, Ithra seeks to support the knowledge economy in the Kingdom. The Center opens doors to other cultures by providing interactive workshops, exhibitions and activities specially designed to enrich all ages and educational levels. Ithra is a platform for creativity that hosts talents of many fields to foster learning and the sharing of thoughts and knowledge.

Ithra Cinema presents numerous events that fulfill the interests of various audiences. It supports local talents and honors filmmakers and ambitious producers in the Saudi film industry. Ithra Cinema is also a founding strategic partner of the Saudi Film Festival.

Kut the Crab

KUT is a revolutionary post house based in Jeddah city. We are pioneers in providing post-production services in the Kingdom, making sure that all deadlines are met, by offering you infinite services in post-production such as color-grading, online/off-line editing, VFX, sound design, and much more, including a full postproduction plan. As well as on-set services DIT, Data wrangling Editing on set, and VFX supervisor on set. Our Facilities as the latest equipment, and technology in Saudi Arabia.

Mad Solutions

The first Pan-Arab creative studio dedicated to the creation, promotion, and distribution of Arabic content to and from the Arab world. Realizing the potential growth of the film industry in the Gulf, MAD Solutions has expanded to Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Manga Productions

Manga Productions is a subsidiary company of Mohammed bin Salman “MiSK” Foundation. It focuses on producing animations, developing video games and comics with creative and positive content targeting all different local and international groups of society to inspiring the heroes of tomorrow.


MBC GROUP is the largest and leading media company in the Middle East & North Africa region that enriches people’s lives through information, interaction and entertainment. In 2002, nearly a decade after the launch of MBC1 in London, in 1991, MBC GROUP moved its headquarters to Dubai Media City, United Arab Emirates. In September 2022, MBC GROUP launched its new headquarters in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Today, MBC GROUP includes over 17 leading TV channels; all of them benefit from MBC STUDIOS which produces the region’s most compelling premium content for cinema, television and on-demand platforms. MBC GROUP also includes two FM radio stations: MBC FM (Gulf music) and Panorama FM (contemporary Arabic hit music).

Furthermore, part of MBC GROUP is Shahid, the world’s leading Arabic streaming platform, home to highly rated original productions from the Arab world, a wide range of exclusive movies and premieres, as well as the top watched live Arab TV channels.

Millimeter Production

14 years since its inception, Millimeter Production went through many enhancements and evolved to become a Group of companies specialized in all aspects related to films. Today, Millimeter, led by Adnan Badeeb, CEO and Producer, is still growing partnering with several back-end production companies and expanding further across the region. Millimeter facilitated the production grounds in Saudi Arabia for many feature films such as Wadjda, therefore showing a pure example of Saudi-International collaboration. Millimeter showcase has been growing since 2008. 220 commercials, 76 documentaries, 12 TV programs, 4 TV series and 3 Feature films.14 years of intense labour, leading to the extraordinary quality leap of Vision 2030, hence making Saudi Arabia a strong player among the major production companies in the Middle East. Millimeter, perpetually updates its equipment, ranging from the latest state-of-the-art cameras, lenses and drones, up to the most advanced lighting equipment systems available in the kingdom. Millimeter main hub is located in Jeddah, KSA, servicing the entire Kingdom and beyond. Millimeter, keeps going and keeps growing.

Muvi Studios

Muvi Studios is the production arm of the biggest Cinema exhibitor in Saudi Arabia. The Studios focused on producing Saudi and local language regional films, and aiming to elevate the quality of Arabic speaking films which are made to be released theatrically.



At NEEDaFIXER, we produce and coordinate more than 200 long and short form projects a month in 100+ countries. Our expertise includes idea development, pre-production, on-the-ground execution, to post-production.
As a full production house, powered by the NEEDaFIXER Community, the largest international network of creatives, producers, film directors, cinematographers, photographers, location fixers, and country specialists, we’re braced to produce exceptional film, television and digital content.

Now more than ever we need fresh ideas, new stories, new visions. And we take it upon ourselves to bring the change, the tools, the tunes, the structures, the solutions that will flow across borders and move us forward into the future. We are the doers, the achievers, the goal setters, the creative wanderers.


NEOM is open for business and quickly becoming the region’s leading media production hub. With the region’s largest sound stages and production support facilities alongside a globally competitive, 40%+ cash rebate incentive scheme, NEOM has already welcomed more than 25 TV and film productions.

NEOM Media Village features a 2,400m² state-of-the-art sound stage, complete with full back-of-house facilities. A second identical stage will open in 2022 with two further stages, including a volumetric stage, opening Q1 2023. Bajdah Studios boasts two 3,000m² stages, with a further four opening by Q1 2023.

All the studios feature full production support facilities, including set production offices, construction warehouses, prop shops, wardrobe, SFX facilities and backlot spaces to support complex set builds. Film and ancillary equipment are available at both sites.

The two locations can accommodate up to 344 people in a resort-style setting within easy walking distance of the facilities.

New Black

New Black is a full-service creative and post-production studio located in the heart of Cairo, Egypt.
Since opening in 2017, New Black has offered best-in-class solutions for content creators in the entertainment industry among the MENA region.
Over the years, New Black has worked with the best talents in the business on high-end TV and film productions, including some of the region’s greatest hits،, providing creative design ،, marketing campaigns, and full post-production and visual effects services at its state-of-the-art facility.
New Black offers best-in-class solutions for our clients to enrich their audience experience with its passionate, award-winning team and extensive network of specialist talents.


Nstars is the leading Saudi company in film distribution and production, today. A family company, Founded by some of the pioneers in the field and founders of some of the most influential companies of the Arab world since 1985. Nstars is working to provide top notch, purposeful content targeted to the Arab and International viewer with almost two million admissions in the KSA.
With control shares of more than 75% of the Egyptian film industry as a distributor and producer, Nstars owns the rights to more than 135 Saudi, Arabic and International titles

Red Sea Signature Programs

The Red Sea Labs is a platform for filmmakers and writers, with multiple programs in different aspects, to help them achieve their vision and projects from inception to production.

The Red Sea Fund:

Following the success of the Fund’s first edition, this year marks the largest funding boost for the film industry. The Red Sea Fund encourages bold and original ideas, embracing a rich and diverse range of subjects that inform, entertain and inspire a global audience.

The Fund aids the launch of a new generation of filmmakers, as well as established auteurs, by supporting their work in the development, production, and post-production stages year-round. The program curates fresh, authentic voices covering a wide range of identities, cultures, and ethnic backgrounds. Funded films aspire to transcend boarders, challenge stereotypes, and initiate a dialogue with universal audiences.

The Fund covers several film formats, including feature fiction, feature documentaries, animation, episodic series, and immersive films. Furthermore, conditional support is available for short films by Saudi directors.


Rotana Where a world of artists and visionaries with a passion for and where every aspect of the music and TV resides, film, entertainment industry has been wholly embraced nurtured and exquisitely brought to life.
We Rotana is at the forefront of the entertainment Industry inform and inspire audiences, entertain and educate radio, air TV channels-to-worldwide through our free regional advertising and movie library, station company. strong digital and social media presence, media agency with the largest movie library in the Arab world.
Classic, broadcast Egyptian and Arabic movie premieres and so much more to a captive contemporary film. MENA audience including Arab women and expats, we have our viewing ratings increase steadily every year more than 60 million followers on social media in the Arab with more than 5 billion annual views on YouTube, world alone and over 20 billion minutes of watch time annually.

Rowad Media

Rowad Media is one of the first Saudi media production and film distribution in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 2005. The company aims to form a modern and innovative integrated entertainment and media industry with professional standards by organizing many commercial releases and film festivals throughout the Kingdom. foremost among which is the Jeddah Film Festival, which was established in 2006, which is considered the first film festival in Saudi Arabia, The company is also partnering with local and international bodies targeting several major cinematic films with the aim of investing in the cinema industry, in addition to supporting promising talents, and the brand also Rowad Media owns Cinema 70, the first film brand to be officially registered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to present pop-up cinema services.

Rum Pictures

Rum Pictures is a company that specializes in TV and film production, the company is headquartered in Jordan’s capital Amman, with an additional office in London. The company was established in 2018 with the aim to become the best equipped post-production house in Jordan. In order to pursue this aim, not only did the company provide specialized high-end equipment for the various post processes such as editing, visual effects, and sound engineering, but also by hosting the first coloring theatre of its kind in Amman, operated by Jordanian and international expertise that comprise Rum’s creative and technical team. By 2021 Rum Pictures incorporated film production to its services, beginning its work with the production of the film “Kadar” (Destiny); a joint Jordanian-Tunisian project that began screening in cinemas October 2022. In addition to producing numerous commercials for major Jordanian companies, as well as developing and attracting new cinematic and television works.

Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property

The Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property aims to regulate, support, develop, sponsor, protect, enforce and upgrade the fields of intellectual property in the Kingdom in accordance with international best practices, and it is organizationally linked to the Prime Minister.

Telfaz 11

With offices in Saudi Arabia and the UAE, Telfaz11 is a leading creative media production, financing and distribution company specializing in entertainment from the Middle East. Led by a passionate team of storytellers, the company specializes in digital content creation, client-led commercial productions, and a unique offering of long-form series and feature films. Combining narratives drawn from local culture with elements of comedy and drama that resonate strongly with both local and global audiences, Telfaz11’s innovative approach has attracted a devoted and growing fan base in the region and beyond. Drawing from a decade of being a creative culture catalyst, the company is now leveraging its influential brand to unlock the potential of Saudi Arabia’s creative economy.

The Saudi Film Commission

The Film Commission is a Saudi government body affiliated with the Ministry of Culture, established in February 2020, and based in the capital, Riyadh. The Commission aims to advance the film sector and the production environment in Saudi Arabia, in addition to stimulating and empowering Saudi filmmakers.

Trend VFX & Postproduction

Trend team is made up of talented creatives, producers, directors, editors, colorists, sound engineers, technical and visual artists dedicated to delivering your vision. There is no challenge that our skilled team can’t handle.
Trend VFX is one of Egypt’s leading post production studios offering high-end services ranging from Concept Design, Editing, Color Grading, Sound Design, Camera Tracking, 3D Assets Creation, Set Extensions, Character Animation, CGI Effects and simulations to Compositing and Shots Finalizing.
We enhanced Virtual Production and real-time pipeline to utilize game engine technologies to power the next generation of all stages of production with rapid visualization, virtual art departments, virtual cinematography, and in-camera visual effects to generate on-set final pixel shots and real-time rendering.
Our 200+ employees have years of experience working with feature films and episodic projects for the Arab Region, Netflix, and Major Hollywood and international productions.

TwoAtoms Capital

TwoAtoms Capital is a Corporate Finance advisory firm focused on the Technology, Media, and Telecom (TMT) sector and based in Riyadh and London.
Our team has advised on a wide range of transactions, with our core services centered around Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), growth strategies, capital formation and regulatory advisory. To optimize the outcome of each project, we run well-planned competitive processes and by leveraging exceptional knowledge, experience, and resources to navigate the increasingly complex transactions of today.
Film finance and production is a highly complex and collaborative process; various participation of different funders and receiving parties might seem convoluted to the producer. Motion picture projects can be considered more complex than project finance.
We are showcasing the pre-launch of our film finance SaaS platform that helps film/TV (motion picture) producers facilitate and improve their project investment and financing decision.

U Turn

The entertainment go-to hub in the digital world of Saudi Arabia. We present content that is not only relevant but also matches the life of Saudi millennials and Gen Zs in the most entertaining, fun and comic way. Since we started, we have mastered the adaptation of every old and new platform, delivering joyful content by local creatives that is appealing to both our audiences & our brands.


VIU brings you Premium entertainment with thousands of hours from the best Arabic, international series & movies. Viu hosts a variety of family safe choices from drama, romance, comedy, action, thriller, and suspense. Stream your favorite shows in HD from up to 4 devices for the same account or download it and watch offline whenever you want.


VOX Cinemas, the dedicated cinema arm of Majid Al Futtaim, is the region’s largest exhibitor, operating more than 600 screens across eight markets in the Middle East. In Saudi Arabia, VOX Cinemas operates 154 screens across 15 theatres in six cities.
An avid supporter of the film industry, it also operates a large regional film distribution business and content production company, which is dedicated to producing premium Arabic content that resonates with both local and international audiences.


Rays3D is an award-winning, recognized leader in high-quality conversions of 2D theatrical content into stereoscopic 3D imagery. Our services also include end-to-end 3D production services on feature films, television productions, and commercials.

3D conversion is in our DNA and we are proud to have successfully completed 3D works for the biggest studios in the world.

Combining the talents and resources of expanding pool of people and technologies -We specialise in high-quality, cost-effective 2D to 3D conversion. Our proprietary “RD-X” process for stereo conversion is highly sought after in Hollywood for its quality and speed.

Rays3D is the first company in India to convert a Blockbuster full-length feature film Sholay in 3D. Rays 3D is also the only company in the world to have the GUINNESS Record for the highest viewership of the 3D movie – Pulli Murugan by beating the record of Sony Pictures MEN IN BLACK 3. Rays3D is proud to be recognized as one of the World’s Most Innovative companies and winner in the Top 10 technology category of Lumiere Awards 2018. It’s held by Hollywood’s most elite Advanced Imaging Society, Los Angeles.