Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; February 20th, 2020 – The Red Sea International Film Festival announced today that its first edition will host the “When Fellini Dreamt of Picasso” exhibition, in celebration of 100 years since the birth of the great Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini. In collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and La Cinémathèque française, the exhibition will launch on March 14th, 2020, for a duration of 5 weeks. This announcement comes in line with the Foundation’s aim to highlight vibrant cultural legacy; through its key initiatives, it forges dialogues between the past and the future, and between diverse international perspectives. 


“When Fellini Dreamt of Picasso” sheds light on the story of how many of Fellini’s films were inspired by Picasso’s paintings, though the two great artists only met once. This exhibition first took place last year in France, and thanks to La Cinémathèque française, Fellini’s unique accessories from the films, such as posters, garments and images will be displayed at the Al-Majlis Al-Baladi exhibition space in Historic Jeddah – Al Balad, Saudi Arabia.  


Mahmoud Sabbagh, Festival Director, said: “When I visited the ‘When Fellini Dreamt of Picasso’ exhibition in Paris, I was mesmerised. It is a dream to join the worldwide ‘100 years of Fellini’ celebrations by having this cultural collaboration between the Ministry of Culture and La Cinémathèque française and bringing the spectacular work of Fellini and Picasso to Historic Jeddah and to the Saudi audience.” 


In 2005, La Cinémathèque française made its home within the modern building designed by Frank Gehry and is now in a position to exhibit, host, restore, and display its collection in 2 exhibition spaces, programme films on 3 screens, receive students and researchers in its library and archive centre and organize educational events. 


The Red Sea Film Festival Foundation is dedicated to national storytellers and strives to develop a sustainable and active ecosystem, through the launch of the festival, education programs with the Red Sea Lodge and industry programs. The Foundation captures the transformative energy of the moment, articulating this creative spark as a catalyst for the local film industry. 


The festival aims to preserve and promote film culture, in line with the wider cultural transformation taking place in Saudi Arabia. In efforts to support the film industry, content will be uploaded as the activity takes place – check our website for in-depth insights from the festival.  

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