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The Third Edition Of The Red Sea Fund Opens Submissions For Its Development Scheme

April 7, 2023

The Red Sea Fund, a leading fund in Arab World and Africa, has announced the launch of its 3rd Edition, Development, Cycle 2. The fund is calling for submissions from Saudi, Arab, and African filmmakers.


The Fund’s development cycle is aimed at supporting the creative visions to provide financial support to bold and innovative projects, from live action to animation. With a focus on developing projects from treatments to production-ready screenplays, the Red Sea Fund is committed to empowering filmmakers and bringing their stories to life. The fund will develop projects from Saudi, Arab, and African directors that have a director and producer attached.


Since its inception, the Red Sea Fund has funded 60 projects in the development stage, including 37 projects funded in 2021 and 23 projects funded in 2022, with a keen interest in supporting diverse voices and perspectives from around the world, with an emphasis on Saudi, Arab and African filmmakers across a wide range of formats, including feature fiction, feature documentaries, feature animations, episodic series, shorts, and immersive films.


Emad Iskandar, the Director of the Red Sea Fund, said: “We are thrilled to announce the start of this development cycle for the Red Sea Fund, which will continue to provide support to the vibrant and growing film industry in Saudi Arabia, as well as in the broader Arab and African regions. With this new cycle, we will continue to provide a platform for emerging and established filmmakers to develop and produce high-quality films that reflect unique and diverse cultures, histories, and traditions. Our mission is to create a thriving film industry, foster international collaborations, and showcase the talent and creativity of local filmmakers to the world. We look forward to receiving submissions and discovering the next generation of storytellers and visionaries who will be the driving force behind the future of cinema.”


The Red Sea Fund’s 3rd Edition, Cycle 2 submission period will be open from April 6th to April 30th. Saudi, Arab, and African filmmakers are encouraged to submit their projects for consideration.