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The Red Sea Labs opens its new program “Music for Film”

September 7, 2023

The Red Sea Labs announced today the launch of a new program, “Music for Film”, an intensive 7-day program designed to nurture emerging music composers by offering them a bespoke course from globally renowned award-winning music composers and experts.

The program is targeting Saudis and Saudi residents, offering them the opportunity to learn how to compose music for film. Saudi Arabia has many talented musicians, but there are very few who have the knowledge, skills and background to score for the screen.

The Red Sea Labs aims to bridge this talent gap by offering a program that combines theoretical knowledge and practical tasks. Through this program, composers can apply what they’ve learned and receive immediate feedback from on-site tutors. The program will also support filmmaking directly by pairing participating composers with film directors, enabling a direct collaboration that enhances knowledge of film scoring on both sides and helps the directors to understand the significant role of music in intensifying a film’s mood and depth of emotion. The collaborative method is intended to refine the skills of the composers, hone their storytelling instincts and incorporate their unique musical style into film scoring.

The program equips composers with technical skills specific to film scoring, such as understanding the different musical styles, genres, and instrumentation suitable for various genres of film, as well as techniques for synchronizing music to visual cues and composing for specific scenes or moods. These technical skills enhance their ability to create music that enhances the emotional impact and narrative of a film.

This program is part of the Red Sea Labs mandate to build the film industry with all its aspects. This program is an integral component of Red Sea Labs’ mission to comprehensively foster the growth of the film industry across all its dimensions. Marking the growth of The Red Sea Labs as a platform for filmmakers, writers, and industry professionals. The program is set to take place from October 9-15, 2023.