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June 5, 2023

Development Cycle received record-breaking number of submissions

The Red Sea Film Festival Foundation announced today that the third cycle of the Red Sea Film Fund will open on 6th June. This state in the funding cycle offers financial support for films that are ready to proceed to production, with directors that hail from Saudi Arabia, the Arab world and Africa.

The development cycle, which preceded the production cycle and awards funding to films at development stage, received a record-breaking 497 submissions, proving that the Red Sea International Film Festival has had a significant impact on the growth of the film industry and film potential in the region.

The production cycle for 2022 received many high-quality submissions, rendering the selection process extremely challenging. However, despite the tough competition, the selection committee awarded funding to the most promising and innovative ideas which have the potential to contribute to the growth and success of the region’s film industry, bringing new talent to the fore.

Emad Eskander, head of the Red Sea Film Fund, said,”We are truly impressed by the the exceptional talent that aspiring and world renowned filmmakers brought to the table in our second edition. It’s clear that the bar has been set high, but we have no doubt that the filmmakers are up for the challenge. Looking ahead to the 3rd edition’s production cycle, we are confident that filmmakers will continue to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation. So, our message to all aspiring and established filmmakers is to not be intimidated by the competition, but rather to embrace it with enthusiasm and passion. Bring your best ideas and let’s make this next cycle the most extraordinary one yet!”

Red Sea Fund has achieved remarkable success in the film industry by funding several exceptional films that have premiered at prestigious film festivals around the world. Two of the films that the fund supported premiered at the Berlin Film Festival and both won awards, which is a testament to the quality of films that Red Sea Fund invests in. Additionally, the foundation has funded eight films that premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, one of which was the opening film, and five of them won awards.

The fund’s impressive track record can be attributed to the dedicated efforts of its team members, readers, and committee members. Their keen eye for identifying and supporting talented filmmakers and their projects has played a crucial role in promoting exceptional cinema on a global scale. Their commitment to the cause has resulted in the fund’s success in discovering and nurturing new and diverse voices in the film industry.