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Red Sea International Film Festival Hosts Tribute Talk with Laila Eloui

December 11, 2021

The Red Sea International Film Festival yesterday hosted a tribute talk with Egyptian icon Laila Eloui at VOX Cinemas Al Balad 1. The star of more than 70 movies including A Little Love Much Violence, and The Destiny ( AlMasser) by Youssef Chahine. Laila talked about her love of art and film that fuelled her career, and her strive to tell stories that concern the wider society in Egypt and the Arab world. Laila is renowned for being versatile in her roles and insightful portrayal of Arab women stories in her movies.


She talked about her strong belief that cinema has the power to enact change in society. She said, “The power of cinema is undeniable, the film industry has a huge influence on society and has the power to change laws”. She continued, “The role I played in The Rapists was a very hard and challenging role and it took an emotional toll on me, but I felt it was imperative that I portray all the ugliness of that story to raise awareness. I am in awe that the movie had a direct impact on changing the law in Egypt with regards to rape and sexual assault to capital punishment”.


Early on in her career, Laila felt a huge respect and love for her Saudi audience, “My Saudi fans have been encouraging me from the beginning of my career, I’m very grateful to you all and I wouldn’t be here today without your continued support through all these years, thank you!”.


A Little Love Much Violence, starring Eloui, was screened at VOX Cinemas Al Balad 2.