Beloved as a singer and composer, Charles Aznavour is one of the great lyricists of the
modern era, observing the currents of the last century, writing more than 1,200 songs
across 70 years. He was also a perpetual archivist. After receiving his first camera from
Edith Piaf in 1948, he filmed continuously, capturing the places he visited, the people he
crossed, his friends, and his loves.

The archives become a self-portrait in this fascinating documentary film. From
Aznavour’s vantage and through his curiously roving lens, the film is an immersion into
the life of one of music’s most prolific auteurs.

French actor Romain Duris provides narration to this record of a life and a culture.
Aznavour's gaze is captivating because the observation is never a one-way street. We
see and are seen, perceiving the great singer as his way of looking confronts us.