One of the prime achievements of this remarkable film is that it was shot entirely on the busy streets of downtown Cairo. It shows a glimpse of mid-90s Egyptian society, reeling from the changes wrought by globalization.

A group stuck at a red traffic light, on hold to allow a VIP to pass through, represents the predicament, each finding themselves at an emotional ‘crossroads.’ First, a love story blossoms between the craftsman and soccer fan Raiu (Mohammed Fouad) and Sumaia, the nurse who loves to sing (Layla Elwi). Then we encounter Nemaat (Enaam Salosa) and her husband (Sameer El Asfoury), on the way to deliver a baby, arriving after years of struggle to get pregnant. While Sumaia is helping Nemaat, Raiu is rescuing her husband, who has set himself on fire.

The film is restored with the support of the Red Sea Film Festival Foundation.