One of the most iconic films in Egyptian cinema, acclaimed for its unflinching social commentary and poetic style. Based on a novel by Yahia Al Tahir Abdulla, the film focuses on Hazina (Fardous Abdel Hamid), who lives in Karnak, Luxor, with her paralyzed husband (Ezzat El Alaili), her daughter and granddaughter (both played by Sherihan). The family desperately awaits the return of the son (also played by Ezzat El Alaili) from Sudan. Hazina, her daughter, and granddaughter contend with the daily injustices and discriminations of their patriarchal, misogynist society. One marries a sexually impotent man, while the other falls pregnant out of wed-lock, incurring the wrath of her uncle, who kills her. The film highlights both sexual and intellectual limitations. It begins with a warning and ends with rebellion. The film is restored with the support of the Red Sea Film Festival Foundation.