One of the essential films of the Egyptian neo-realist wave, of which Beshara was a leading proponent,

with his uncompromising commitment to the truth. Aisha (Faten Hamama) is a widower with five

children, Sanaa (Hanan Youssef), Suad (Abla Kamel), Lamia (Simone), Asmaa (Salwa Mohamed Ahmed)

and her youngest Noor. When her eldest daughter Sanaa gets married to the carpenter Orabi

(Mohamed Mounir), their lives are changed. He moves into their humble home and starts to control

their every move. The other characters struggle to find their way in life, trying tirelessly to escape

poverty. A portrait of Egyptian society as it faces the monumental changes of globalization, exploring its

effects on the values and ambitions of every human being.

The film is restored with the support of the Red Sea Film Festival Foundation.