A filmmaker sets out to make a film about Jeddah, and discovers what the city truly means to him through the process. Omar Nizar works as a filmmaker at an advertising company, a job he abhors. When his partner, Muhannad, asks him to create a shallow take on the history of Jeddah for a soulless product commercial, Omar refuses.

It’s the push he needs to make his own film, certain he must portray the place for what it truly is – not commodified, at the service of a product and on the whim of a client. Exploring the Old Town, he meets the retired cinematographer Farid in his antique shop. Thus begins a poignant encounter between a man who has existed in a country without cinema and the enthusiastic young filmmaker with exciting prospects.

Two generations come together to envision a love letter to film and to the city’s past, present, and future.

A journey into a community to discover the essence of a place – through its buildings, streets, and memories.