With her abusive husband in jail and her craved-for divorce in-process, hardworking Noura’s promise of a happy new life with her lover Lassaad is within touching distance. That’s until the criminalization of adultery , and the vindictiveness of her husband, upend her plans.

So, Noura must utilize her unshakable will to take back control of her life. In this psychological thriller, powered by Hend Sabry’s career-high performance, director Hinde Boujemaa denounces the corruption and machismo of Tunisian society.

The filmmaker’s empathy for her character is palpable: Noura is in danger but is not a victim, she is a woman of character, sensitive but determined. Throughout, Boujemaa focuses in on a woman who confronts fear, to dream of freedom and to dream of love.

Since its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, “Noura’s Dream” has received a warm reception with audiences worldwide.