These are the true events of a historic day, when four normal women – determined, passionate, a little unprepared – took on the establishment and were catapulted onto the world stage, disrupting the most-watched TV event on the planet.

More than just the usual spectacle and “glamour” of a beauty pageant, the 1970 Miss World Competition became the collision of old-world orders with new, more progressive, ideas. More than 100 million viewers witnessed the group’s on-stage protest against a competition they saw as old fashioned.

A charming and uproarious account about daring to speak out, “Misbehaviour” celebrates boldness, yet candidly recognizes the hope, necessity, and impulse of such acts – often imperfect and always contested.

Starring Keira Knightley (Pirates of the Carribean)  and Jessie Buckley (Wild Rose), the story of how a group of unlikely women  made huge strides for the Womens’ Liberation Movement is told in an entertaining style, and from multiple perspectives, raising race and gender issues, as well as tackling the abuse of power.