Based on real events, Rubaiyat Hossain’s “Made in Bangladesh” delves into the ready-made garment industry and the working conditions of 80% of its sewing machines operators: women aged 18-30.

After a fire breaks out at the factory where Shimu (Rikita Nandini Shimu) works, one seamstress remains trapped and dies. The accident inspires Shimu to unionise the workforce and bravely demand the employers implement legal standards despite the turmoil this causes at home. For Shimu, and her peers, work signifies empowerment and freedom. 

Regardless of the challenges experienced in private and public spaces, Shimu and her friends gracefully shed dignity and light onto their surroundings with their vibrant personalities and clothing.

Hossain pays meticulous attention to the female experience, delivering a moving hymn to women’s strength, perseverance and solidarity, past and present, in Bangladesh and throughout the globe.