The festival presents a cinematic panorama of the city of Jeddah, captured by Safouh Naamani, developed and restored by the Red Sea Film Festival Foundation. This unique Jeddah footage was captured by Naamani – one of the pioneers of photography and filmmaking in Saudi Arabia – from 1954–1968, on his 16 mm camera. The Red Sea International Film Foundation aided the restoration of five reels of raw film belonging to Naamani at a film restoration lab in Munich, Germany. The footage has been edited into a short film that will premiere at the Festival. This rare collection reveals the urban transformations that redrew the city, with particular relevance to the further significant changes taking place today. “Jeddah between 1954–1968” is made up of diverse scenes,shots of the commercial life in the port of Jeddah, landscapes from the coastline along the ancient port of Punt, as well as Al-Bay’a square, the Jeddah Palace Hotel, the Bakashab building, and rare footage of the creation of Gold Street from 1964