The film that launched Egypt’s neo-realist wave, the movement pioneered by Khairy Beshara. Documentary maker Ahmed Al Shazly (Ahmed Zaki) is shooting a film about a cotton gin – a machine that quickly and easily separates cotton fibers from their seeds – when a worker (Ahmed Bedair) reveals the extent of the corruption in the factory. Shortly after the interview, the worker is found dead, prompting Ahmed and his fiancée (Tayseir Fahmi) to investigate the story. Ahmed embarks on a journey that changes his perception and awareness forever; as he unravels the tragedy at the factory, he begins to understand the wider crisis of his generation and his society at large. In the gripping realism of its story-telling, cinematography, and performances, “Houseboat No. 70” brings sharply into focus the daily issues that plagued Beshara’s generation. This masterpiece of Arab cinema ushered in a new wave of cinema. The film is restored with the support of the Red Sea Film Festival Foundation.