A hardcore-pulp-yakuza-noir-madcap-joyride filled with outrageous double-crosses, close shaves, high-speed car chases, and flamboyant showdowns from Japan’s most prolific and exuberant director, Takashi Miike. At its heart, First Love, is an unshakeable romance between two rock bottom dwellers, searching for salvation in the precarious Tokyo underbelly.

Society is in a troubled tailspin, corrupted by the self-serving attitudes necessary to survive the modern dog-eat-dog world. What begins as a classic boy meets girl crime thriller gets a touch of Miike 39;s signature ultraviolence, hysterical mayhem, and cartoonish absurdity.

The powerless heroes are pitted against the Yakuza and Chinese triads in a farcical battle royale, a criminal line up of vicious, blood-thirsty antiheroes welding a buffet spread of life-ending weapons. Yet, as the assembly of characters and their carefully scripted subplots converge across one night, a chaotic moment transcends certain death and destruction.

The sheer amount of blood spilled means love does not conquer all– it survives.