Selma Derwish (Golshifteh Farahani) is a psychoanalyst, after working in France, she returns to Tunis and opens a private practice in a busy suburb. It’s a far cry from her time in France and things get off to a rocky start, some of the patients mistaking Freud and his beard for a Muslim brother. Selma remains determined, recognising that there’s an urgent need for mental health support in the aftermath of the revolution.

Things get worse when she discovers she doesn’t have the right license. Thus begins a Kafkaesque journey through the labyrinthine bureaucracy of the country’s ministries.

Director Manele Labidi’s first feature film renders the neuroses of a country riddled with ancient traditions, in the throes of a difficult transformation with affection. This warm-hearted and radiant comedy explores the relationships at the foundation of Tunisian society, from the tortuous and bureaucratic, to the tender and authentic.