Five siblings and their children come together in the perennial comfort of their childhood home to celebrate Eid al-Fitr. From the warm embrace of their gathering, they cannot anticipate how their relationships will be reconfigured by the morning.  A phone call brings news that their father has been involved in a car accident. Arriving at the hospital, the siblings discover him in good shape, but the collision causes a rupture in a long-held facade, unleashing secrets that will undo family ties. The revelations to come will change their connection to each other and to the past forever.

Put to the test, fragility, strength, and weakness emerge. Through the course of a single, harrowing night, the past is re-written and relationships recast. Through one family, an entire society is revealed.

The writer and filmmaker Mohammed Alholayyil has made several critically acclaimed short films, including “Mator” and “300KM”.  His work delivers an in-depth analysis of society with a dark sense of humor.

The producer and writer Abdulrahman Khawj is among the pioneers of the independent Saudi film movement. He founded Cinepoetics Pictures, a film production company based in Jeddah, and has produced and directed two feature films: “Poetry Bride” (2017) and “Physical Specifications of Coffee” (2019), as well as contributing to multiple short and feature films. Khwaja lectures in screenwriting at Effat University.