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2022 festival theme


The RedSeaIFF is a unique and powerful platform for celebrating film, connecting cultures, and expanding our horizons. Much more than a film-watching event — it’s a diverse and comprehensive platform that celebrates every facet of filmmaking.


These ideas of celebration, connection, and cultural exchange made their way into this year’s theme — “FILM IS EVERYTHING”. A bold, cinematic, progressive and cultural ten-day Festival for film lovers, storytellers, and industry professionals from around the globe.


The visual concept across all RedSeaIFF communication revolves around a very simple graphic — a projection. While it directly references film, it also acts as a versatile tool that sheds light on the endless facets of cinema.

Film is culture.

The vibrant port city of Jeddah is a trading hub of ideas — rooted in Saudi, yet open to the world. The perfect setting to host a cultural exchange. And as the RedSeaIFF comes around for its second edition, Jeddah is illuminated with creativity, through the shared experience of film.

Featuring the best of the Arab and international world, the Festival unites film lovers, filmmakers, and the global film industry — a borderless experience.

Film is opportunity.

The RedSeaIFF empowers, supports and strengthens the regional film industry — giving a voice to its stories and championing its own cinematic culture.

With the Red Sea Souk, the market arm of the Festival; the Red Sea Fund; and the Red Sea Lodge, anyone who is interested or working in the film industry will have the chance to grow their knowledge and skills, shop for films and hidden gems at the film market. Plenty of opportunities await at the RedSeaIFF, with monetary grants, residence programs, and a curated schedule of workshops, masterclasses, panel discussions and networking sessions.

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Film is art.

Stories shape us. We love telling them, seeing them, experiencing them, and of course sharing them — through the art of cinema. Film gives us a way to bring these stories to life, so that the untold becomes something new to treasure; to push boundaries and to find joy in expression.

For this year’s edition of the RedSeaIFF, it is our pleasure to showcase colorful, vibrant and impactful new films on Saudi’s big screen. The Festival features a diverse program with 11 sections, covering the best in Arab and world cinema — from the unmissable classics to films in Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Film is achievement.

The RedSeaIFF has much to celebrate this year, with a fresh selection of international jury members, celebrities, and of course, films in competition. We welcome the global film community to join us as we award the biggest prizes in the region to emerging and established voices across a wide variety of genres that span narrative, documentary, VR, and animation.

The awards shine a light on films from Saudi Arabia and the Arab world, ensuring that the Red Sea International Film Festival reaches hearts and minds across the region and beyond.

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