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(انتصار الشباب)


Drama | Running Time: 125 minutes

1941 / Arabic

Country: Egypt

Directed by: Ahmed Badrakhan

Arab Premiere


Requires Parental Guidance



Sun 03 Dec | 7:30 PM - 9:40 PM
Hayy Jameel Cinema

El Nile Films

Asmahan , Farid Al Atrash, Besharh Wakiem, Elyaeh Gamil, Anwer Wagdi

Badia Khairy

An instant success when it was first shown, largely thanks to the promised thrill of seeing star sibling singers Farid Al Astrash and Asmahan in the same movie, the film is now considered one of the most important musicals in the history of the Arab cinema. Al Astrash, who wrote the film’s glorious soundtrack, also stars as young musician Waheed; his real-life sister Asmahan plays Waheed’s sister Nadia, a captivating singer. Together, they leave their home in the Levant to chase their dream of stage success, finding work in an Egyptian casino and in the movies, cutting a record and, of course, falling in love with admirers. A truly golden oldie, recently restored with the support of the Red Sea Film Festival Foundation.