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Family and Drama | Running Time: 110 minutes

2022 / Arabic and English

Country: Saudi Arabia

Directed by: Khaled Fahd

World Premiere



Rakan Anneghaimshi, Majed Z Samman

Hamad Farhan, Naif Khalaf, Aseel Omran, Shaymaa Taib, Mohammed Alshehri, Mansour Ash, Mutlaq Matar, Saeed Saleh, Rashid Almudhish, Ateth , Rayan Alahmri, Hashem Alhosawi, Saad Almudhish, Mohammed Hilal, Ali Alahmri, Nagham Almalki, Linda Alfaisal, Farah Altamimi, Ayan Adel, Saif Nasser

Khalid Fahad

Ali is perceived by his family and the people of the beautiful Saudi Arabian mountain village where he lives, Alwadi, as having a disability. Only his older sister Siham recognises that his difference is part of him; she sees him as perfect as he is. While Siham is away in the city studying at university, where she hopes to get a degree and then a job that will help haul her family out of poverty, their father, Nasser, decides to take Ali to a folk doctor in the valley below to be “cured”. During the journey, Ali gets lost in the middle of nowhere. Alone, he starts a new journey of his own, discovering that he can deal with fresh challenges in life as well as anyone else. An uplifting, emotional and enjoyable tale about how our perceived inadequacies can be our strengths.