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Drama | Running Time: 16 minutes

2022 / Gan

Country: France and Ghana

Directed by: Amartei Armar

Arab Premiere



Sébastien Hussenot, Yemoh Ike

Kirtson-Acquah Elisha, Idrissu Tontie Jr, Victor Incoom, Gabriel Narh Addo

Amartei Armar

Set in a small Ghanaian town surrounded by a looming landfill site that is tipping garbage into the sea, this is a story of grief. Two boys, Sowah and Okai, struggle to accept the loss of their older brother during a fishing expedition. Okai, who is only eight years old, is convinced his brother’s spirit is still out there. Tsutsue, which means “olden times”, was the first sub-Saharan short selected to compete in Cannes. .