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Drama | Running Time: 112 minutes

2023 / Arabic and English

Country: Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates

Directed by: Dhafer L'abidine




Sun 03 Dec | 6:40 PM - 8:37 PM
Red Sea Galas at The Ritz-Carlton
Price: 140 SAR
Mon 04 Dec | 6:25 PM - 8:22 PM
VOX Cinema 5 Red Sea Mall
Price: 40 SAR

Dhafer L'abidine, Saner Ayar, Irmak Yazim, Tolga İşmen

Dhafer L'abidine, Ibrahim Alhasawi, Adam Zahr, Summer Shesha, Ida Alkusay, Khairia Nazmi, Adam Abu Sakha, Sarah Al Yafei, Emilia Fox

Dhafer L'abidine, Safe Messadi

Feisal is a British citizen of a Saudi origin living in London with his seven years old son, Adam. Years after the death of his wife Angela, he suddenly decides to quit his job and his life in the UK and takes his son back to Saudi Arabia. Feisal hasn’t returned to his homeland since the day he left his southern town of Abha, twelve years ago. His two sisters, Noura and Shahad, and his younger brother Fares are ecstatic to see him back. However, their Father, Ibrahim, can’t forgive him for leaving the family against his wishes in the pursuit of his own dreams and a life in the western world. Ibrahim doubts Feisal’s motivation to return to Saudi Arabia. Feisal hasn’t told them the whole story, his return will change the family forever…