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Drama | Running Time: 14 minutes

2023 / English and Xhosa

Country: South Africa

Directed by: Imran Hamdulay

World Premiere




Tue 05 Dec | 7:25 PM - 8:32 PM
VOX Cinema 3 Red Sea Mall
Price: 40 SAR
Thu 07 Dec | 2:55 PM - 4:02 PM
VOX Cinema Imax 7 Red Sea Mall
Price: 40 SAR

Imran Hamdulay, Khosie Dali

Siya Mayola, Cedwyn Joel, Ayden Croy, Natasha Mangelele, Hanlé Bernard, Wojtek Lipinski

Imran Hamdulay

Mzu enters the Cape Town police station and finds Fareed, a pensioner, who has been waiting in the queue for a long time. The station is chaotically busy and Fareed is confused with no one to help him, so Mzu takes on that task. It isn’t easy. When those at the front of the queue refuse to give up their spots, Mzu approaches the police themselves, but they refuse to intervene. Hitting a brick wall where he can’t achieve anything, Mzu vents his anger on the people around him, accusing them of selfishness. Eventually, the police have to restrain him, one calming him down by explaining that his frustration is shared by most South Africans: this is just the way it is.