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Drama | Running Time: 118 minutes

2023 / English and Arabic

Country: United Kingdom, Palestine and Qatar

Directed by: Farah Nabulsi

MENA Premiere


Coarse Language and Political Theme



Tue 05 Dec | 6:55 PM - 8:58 PM
VOX Cinema Imax 7 Red Sea Mall
Price: 40 SAR
Wed 06 Dec | 3:55 PM - 5:58 PM
VOX Cinema 4 Red Sea Mall
Price: 40 SAR
Sold Out
Fri 08 Dec | 6:30 PM - 8:33 PM
VOX Cinema 4 Red Sea Mall
Price: 40 SAR
Sold Out

Sawsan Asfari, Farah Nabulsi, Ossama Bawardi

Saleh Bakri, Imogen Poots, Muhammad Abed El Rahman, Mahmoud Bakri

Farah Nabulsi

Palestinian schoolteacher Basem (Saleh Bakri) grapples with personal devastation after a tragic incident involving his son. His life takes an unexpected turn when he forms a deep connection with Adam, one of his students, while also developing an unexpected bond with British social worker Lisa (Imogen Poots). Simultaneously, a high-profile American attorney and his wife seek the return of their son, an Israeli soldier held captive by a Palestinian resistance group. The group’s demand for a prisoner exchange creates tensions with authorities, intensifying the search for the soldier and drawing Basem and Adam’s neighbourhood into turmoil. Oscar-nominated director, Farah Nabulsi weaves these disparate yet interconnected stories into a gripping drama that is marked by empathy, unexpected twists, and unceasing provocations, anchored by Saleh Bakri's power-house performance.