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Drama, Dark Comedy and Crime | Running Time: 120 minutes

2022 / Persian

Country: Iran

Directed by: Nima Javidi

MENA Premiere




Tue 05 Dec | 6:25 PM - 8:30 PM
VOX Cinema 6 Red Sea Mall
Price: 40 SAR
Thu 07 Dec | 7:25 PM - 9:30 PM
VOX Cinema 3 Red Sea Mall
Price: 40 SAR

Majid Motalebi

Navid Mohammadzadeh, Ahmad Mehranfar, Hasti Mahdavi, Hanie Tavasoli, Mehrave Sharifinia, Gelareh Abassi

Nima Javidi

Gifted actors Ali and Morteza (Venice best-actor winner Navid Mohammadzadeh and Ahmad Mehranfar) have nothing to their names but a derelict theatre for which they can barely make rent. They scrape a living by staging elaborate, costumed party pranks for Teheran’s rich-kid set, hoping to get back to the stage sometime. Their fortunes take a turn, however, when they are spotted by a shadowy private detectives’ agency that uses improv actors as investigators. Using their skills at building scenes and assuming different characters, they are able to inveigle their way into the scenes of unsolved crimes. Ali and Morteza are soon joined by a talented actress and a make-up artist; they form a team of great pretenders.