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Fantasy and Animation | Running Time: 45 minutes

2022 /

Country: United States of America (USA)

Directed by: Ellen Utrecht

MENA Premiere



Roel Harinck, Daisy Berns

Ellen Utrecht, Daisy Berns, James Sundra, Dani Bittman

Shores of Loci maximises the full potential of VR to immerse yourself into epic environments of mythical creatures and help them rebuild their magical worlds. The puzzle game allows players to solve beautifully crafted 3D puzzles by using intuitive gameplay, all while listening to relaxing and meditative music. Shores of Loci transports the players, young and old, into captivating and surreal worlds where a peaceful journey awaits to create and complete a universe where puzzled pieces are assembled and transformed. A rich visual and auditory experience with a high degree of artistic polish and creative design awaits you.