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Comedy and Action | Running Time: 100 minutes

2022 / Arabic

Country: Saudi Arabia

Directed by: Abdullah Al-Arak

World Premiere



Ahmed Moussa

Ibrahim Alhajjaj, Abdul Aziz Al Shehri, Abdul Aziz Al Mubadala, Shahd Al-Qafary, Ibrahim Khairallah, Moaz Al Marri

Ibrahim Khairallah, Ayman Wattar, Osama Al-Fadhel, Wael Al-Saeed

Saad, a young man who loves professional wrestling, gets excited when EEW, a professional wrestling promotion, announces that they're holding auditions in Riyadh. Saad goes to the audition hoping to become a Saudi wrestler and then start his global journey from Riyadh to success. He fails in the auditions conducted by EEW, but his luck has not completely run out as he meets Ali Hogan, an eccentric man who offers to be Saad's manager and promises to change his life. Sa'ad, with the help of Ali, joins smaller wrestling promotions in Riyadh, filled with different Saudi wrestlers, all with their own gimmick, in hopes of one day being good enough to join EEW and live out his dreams.