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Comedy and Drama | Running Time: 15 minutes

2023 / Tagalog (Filipino)

Country: Philippines and Singapore

Directed by: Sonny Calvento

MENA Premiere




Tue 05 Dec | 4:55 PM - 6:32 PM
VOX Cinema 4 Red Sea Mall
Price: 40 SAR
Wed 06 Dec | 9:40 PM - 11:17 PM
VOX Cinema 1 Red Sea Mall
Price: 40 SAR

Sheron Dayoc, Arden Rod Condez

Meryll Soriano, Jorrybell Agoto, Kiki Baento, Marj Lorico, Tex Ordoñez-De Leon, Zara Loayon

Sonny Calvento

Minda, a 45-year-old mother devoted to her sick child, also has a dream for herself: to compete and hopefully win My Amazing Mama, a popular and lucrative television game show in the Philippines. But, in a country where thousands of people rely on television game shows to earn money, Minda will have to overcome a good many obstacles – some hilarious, some humiliatingly exploitative – just to get a chance at winning the daily cash prize. The show becomes the latest test of her fortitude and tenacity in the face of adversity, which earns her the adoration of everyone around her. A bold satire, which uses humour to explore the archetype of the “good mother” in a patriarchal society.