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Adventure, Comedy and Family | Running Time: 105 minutes

2022 / Vietnamese

Country: Vietnam

Directed by: Ham Tran

MENA Premiere



Jenni Trang Le , Duy Ho , Anderson Le, Francis Smith, Charlyn Ng

Phu Truong Lai, Diep Anh Chu, Tin Tin , Ngoc Tuong, Kim Nha, Tom Dang, Dom Dinh, Elyse Dinh

Ham Tran

When eight-year-old science enthusiast Hung (Phu Truong Lai) sees a star fall to Earth not far from his home in the middle of the night, he gets on his bike and rushes to see it. That’s how he meets Maika (Chu Diep An, an alien who has shape-shifted to look like a human girl but still has her telekinetic powers. Hung, who has been lonely ever since his mother died and his best friend’s family moved to Ho Chi Minh City, is thrilled to make a new friend and have lots of adventures, but he also helps her to get back home. The similarities here to ET, but Maika is actually based on a Czech TV series popular in Vietnam in the ‘80s and has a retro innocence. It's loud and cartoonish, with broad humour and even bigger special effects that will delight younger audiences.