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Musical and Romance | Running Time: 115 minutes

1967 / Arabic

Country: Egypt

Directed by: Ali Reda



Helmy Rafla

Mahmoud Reda, Farida Fahmy, Abdel Moneim Ibrahim

Ali Reda

A sparkling showcase for the trailblazing Reda Troupe of folkloric dancers, this classic film – directed by Ali Reda, the troupe’s co-founder and choreographer – is set against the dramatic background of Luxor, with its ancient Pharaonic monuments. The story revolves around a budding romance between lead dancers Salah (Mahmoud Reda, Ali’s brother and co-founder of the troupe) and Amina (Farida Fahmy), whose various misunderstandings put the fictionalised troupe’s first show in jeopardy and threaten the survival of the company itself. This standard plot is, however, largely a framework for the glorious ensemble performances by the Reda dancers, trained in ballet as well as Egypt’s popular dance heritage. Attentive dance fans may even spot a few moves from the golden age of Hollywood musicals, which Ali Reda greatly admired. An absolute must for all fans of singing and dancing. The Red Sea Film Festival foundation is delighted to have contributed to this restored version of an Egyptian classic.