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Dark Comedy | Running Time: 15 minutes

2022 / Arabic

Country: Jordan

Directed by: Samer Battikhi

World Premiere



Samer Battikhi, Enad Bin Tareef

Rakeen Saad, Ahmad Srour, Khalid Al Tarifi, Enad Bin Tareef

Enad Bin Tareef, Samer Battikhi

All the theaters in town are controlled by the Brown Suits Committee, an old-fashioned greedy middle-aged group led by Mr Ameen. Yomna, a young passionate theater enthusiast, tries to prevent Mr Ameen from taking control of the theater where she works after Khalil, the theater owner, becomes a Brown Suits member. A series of confrontations occur over the importance of the play. Will Yomna succeed at completing the show?