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| Running Time: 80 minutes

2022 / Arabic

Country: Saudi Arabia

Directed by: Mohammed Saeed Harib

MENA Premiere




Yasin Ghazzawi, Hakeem Jomah, Faisal Al-Kurdi, Salma Abu Deif, Mohammed Lotfy, Shadi Alfons


Musaab is a loveable loser, with big hopes, big heart and an even bigger belly. But he also has big dreams, of becoming a wrestling champion and inspiring other kids like him. When he gets the opportunity to get in the ring with a professional wrestler, he sees this as a chance to finally make his family proud. All his mother cares about, however, is finding Musaab a wife and getting him out of the family home at last. Musaab begins training under the watchful eye of Ali, a grumpy Egyptian former wrestler turned coach. Also helping Musaab are Ali’s children, who see the good in Musaab even if their father loves nothing more than to shout at him. As the big fight gets closer, Musaab begins to understand the importance of responsibility and dedication. But little does he know that there is a big surprise in store for him. This is wrestling after all, a mix of sports and entertainment where twists are all part of the fun and the danger. King of the Ring is a hilarious, heart-warming tale of following your dreams and learning how to get out of a headlock.