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Fantasy and Animation | Running Time: 77 minutes

2022 / Arabic

Country: Algeria

Directed by: Vynom

Arab Premiere



Kamal Mouhoune, Khaled Boumriche

Dima Tourgane


A little boy wakes up, finds himself at the bottom of a dark well and realises he can’t remember anything. He is lying on a pile of sand; he gets up, walks through a gallery where fires flare up to guide him, then arrives in a large room and meets Tidar, a strange and enormous but benevolent creature. Tidar explains to the boy that his memories are now locked behind an immense door he must open before they are frozen forever. Thus begins this enchanting Algerian animation about the boy’s journey in search of his past, assisted by Tidar and another creature, no more than a small blue flame with one eye, called Khamsa. That journey will take them through buried cities, petrified forests, marshland and memories that crackle like old recordings. Visually stunning and eerily atmospheric, the story unfolds to become a dark fable about childhood innocence and human progress.