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Drama | Running Time: 97 minutes

2022 / Arabic

Country: Egypt

Directed by: John Ikram Sawers

World Premiere


Adult Themes


John Ikram Sawers, Rafat Thomas

Ingy El Mokadem, May Elghety, Firas Saayed, Salwa Othman, Loutfy Labib

Mohamad Abel Kader

Kamla is deeply committed to her work as a psychiatrist; her patients find her both supportive and accepting. However, society does not necessarily accept her as she's an unmarried woman in her 40s, still living with her elderly father. Her aunt, Ansaf, insists on bringing around potential husbands. But Kamla has, in fact, met a man - a glamorous writer, Youssif, who speaks in defence of love, freedom and women's rights – and fallen in love. At the same time, she has acquired a new patient – Asmaa, a poor prostitute who suffers severe depression. Kamla empathises deeply with Asmaa, realising they have more in common as women than may first appear. But her mistake is to get personally involved with her patient, turning her own life upside down.