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In-Conversation with Nelly Karim

Running Time: 60 minutes


Nelly Karim, a leading actress in the Arab World, started her career off as a Prima Ballerina. She was first introduced to the audiences by the salient and legendary actress, Faten Hamama, in the TV hit Wagh el Qamar in 2000. The dancer-turned-actress rose to fame when she was cast in Youssef Chahine's film Alexandria.. NewYork in 2004. She then appeared over the following years in a diverse array of film hits, with Renowned directors such as: Kamla Abouzekri, Mohamed Diab, Marwan Hamed, and Tamer Mohsen. Her career spans more than 20 years that are full of critically acclaimed works in both Cinema and TV. The acclaim wasn’t just targeted to the works she participated in, Nelly Karim received Best Actress Awards for her performances in TV & Cinema at prestigious events that include Cairo international film festival and Kazan International Muslim Film Festival. She also recently served as a jury member in several regional and international film festivals such as the Abu Dhabi Film Festival and the Venice International Film Festival