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In-Conversation with Gaspar Noé

Running Time: 60 minutes


Gaspar Noe has a reputation for making films that you will watch with your hands covering your eyes. But is that fair? Yes, for sure, the world first noticed his talents when he made the medium-length film Carne about a brutal butcher and his mute daughter. He then stretched it out to make his sensational feature film debut, I Stand Alone, which depicts the aforementioned butcher living on the edge. Then in 2002, he made the sensational Irréversible, starring Monica Bellucci, which tells the story in reverse order of two men who try to take revenge after a sexual assault. Enter the Void would continue the visceral filmmaking that became Noe’s signature. Born in Buenos Aires, the director would continue to entrap audiences and break the fourth wall with his films Enter the Void (2009), Love (2015), Climax (2018) and Lux Æterna (2019). He surprised many with his sixth film, Vortex which was a more straightforward tale of dementia. But of course, being a Noe film, the director still plays with the frame and how time functions, disorientating the audience in the process. Following on from his video Q and A at the Festival last year, Noe will be conducting an In-conversation at the Red Sea IFF. Be prepared to have your head repeatedly bashed in by a fire hydrant.