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In-Conversation with Andy Garcia

Running Time: 60 minutes


Oscar-nominated actor Andy Garcia has been a shining light in so many great movies over the years that it’s almost impossible to pick the movies to spotlight. Simply put, there have been too many hits. The critical acclaim first came with his turn in but his big international breakthrough came in 1987 when he shone in Brian de Palma’s gangsta classic, The Untouchables, playing sharp-shooting agent George Stone, part of the team pursuing Al Capone during America’s prohibition era. He was incredible playing another detective in Black Rain, and in the police thriller Internal Affairs. The Oscar nomination came for his turn as Vincent Corleone, the illegitimate son who enters the family business in The Godfather Part III. The 90s was a boom period for the actor appearing in the romantic thriller Dead Again, high school drama Dangerous Minds and crime adventure Night Falls on Manhattan. Cuban-born, he was one of the actors to break down the barriers for Latino actors in America. He was one of the stars chosen in the lineup of Hollywood’s great and the good Oceans 11. He’s been a voice on The Simpsons. More recently, he was in Guy Ritchie’s Wrath of Man and will soon be seen in The Expendables 4. Garcia is an actor who knows how to change the script.