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In-Conversation with Akshay Kumar

Running Time: 60 minutes


Do you want to know what happens behind the scenes in Bollywood? The irrepressible Akshay Kumar will reveal some of his secrets in a special in-conversation at the Red Sea IFF. He’ll be letting us know how to break into Bollywood. Let’s face it Akshay should know all the ways in; as the legend has it, Akshay missed a train to a modelling gig in Bangalore and then decided to visit a studio. It’s a journey he’s still on; as an actor, producer and stuntman, Akshay Kumar has made over a hundred films and has become one of the biggest stars in world cinema. There doesn’t seem to be anything he can’t do; whether he’s called upon to play action hero or the romantic lead, he dazzles. His breakthrough came in 1992 with Khiladi, a suspense thriller. Since then, he has branched out to become a romantic heartthrob, popular comedian and critically admired dramatic actor, winning a National Film Award for Best Actor in 2016. Of course, with such a long and fabled career, there have also been ups and downs - Akshay Kumar has a remarkable story to tell, and he promises to spill the beans about what it means to be a Bollywood insider.