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Action, Thriller and Melodrama | Running Time: 135 minutes

2022 / Arabic and English

Country: Kuwait and Saudi Arabia

Directed by: Zeyad ( Z ) Alhusaini


Alcohol Trade


Abdul Aziz Al-Yaqout, Hamzah Jamjoom, Meshari Almutawa, Zeyad ( Z ) Alhusaini

Ron Perlman, Hamad Alomani, Yaqoub Abdulla, Rawan Mahdi, Bobby Naderi, Ernie Reyes Jr, Faisal Al-Ameeri, Abdullah Bahman, Hala Al-Turk, Hessa Al-Loughani, Jassim Al-Nabhan, Jaaved Jaaferi, Joel Lambert

Zeyad ( Z ) Alhusaini

When two childhood friends – now grown up and dabbling in the illegal alcohol trade – find a cache of stolen guns, they jump at the chance to get rich quick. Kuwaiti director Zeyad (Z) Alhusaini worked for 5 years on this dramatic action film, the first of its kind to be set in the Gulf, that takes the audience along with its naïve protagonists on a wild, non linear, ride through a murky world of arms dealers, terrorists, mercenaries and small-time gangsters. Alhusaini shows a colorful high energy version of modern Kuwait - a melting pot of peoples and cultures with a thriving rap scene. The film explores an intimate story about a man’s journey to self-realization through inevitable self destruction, set against a gritty fast paced reality, humorous social commentary and innovative action.