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Godus Bros

Running Time: 60 minutes



Fri 01 Dec | 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
VOX Cinema 1 Red Sea Mall
Price: 50 SAR

The Godus Brothers are a filmmaking duo whose works are characterized by a unique style and approach. Starting their career in digital platforms with shows and short films, which propelled them towards their ultimate goal of producing their narrative films for the big screen. Sohayb has always stood out for his acting skills and management of film projects, while Faris distinguished himself with his individuality and distinctive vision and direction. They produced their first feature film "Shams Al-Ma'arif" (The Book of Sun), which received widespread acclaim on various platforms. Today, they present their second story, "Ahlam Al-Asr" (Fever Dream), participating in the 2023 Red Sea Film Festival.