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Fantasy and Creative Documentary | Running Time: 84 minutes

2022 / Tamazight and Arabic

Country: Morocco, France, Saudi Arabia and Qatar

Directed by: Adnane Baraka



Adnane Baraka, Jean Pierre Lagrange

Mohamed Obakha, Abderahman Ibhi

Adnane Baraka

Two men comb the Moroccan desert, famous for its recurring meteorite falls, for these stones that rain from heaven. Meteorites are valuable to them both, albeit for very different reasons. Mohamed is a tent-dwelling desert nomad living in harsh conditions, looking for a way to improve life for his family. Abderrahmane is a scientist for whom the meteorites are a key to understanding the origins of the Earth and its life forms. Neither man imagines that his project will go far beyond merely looking for rocks, but this arid land has a transformative power of its own. Director Adnane Baraka, who is a musician as well as a documentary maker, watches the two seekers’ respective wanderings as they each become immersed in contemplation of the deeper truths of life. Going in search of pebbles in the immensity of the desert may seem absurd, but this magnificent film ultimately expresses a universal human quest. This film is supported by the Red Sea Fund.