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Horror | Running Time: 91 minutes

2022 / English

Country: United Kingdom

Directed by: Mark Jenkin

MENA Premiere


Violence, Adult Themes and Gory Images


Denzil Monk

Mary Woodvine, John Woodvine, Edward Rowe, Flo Crowe, Joe Gray

Mark Jenkin

A lone wildlife volunteer is stationed in the only house on Enys Men (which means Stone Island in the old Cornish language). Every day, this unnamed woman (Mary Woodvine) checks and records the progress of a flower that grows from between the rocks covering an old tin mine; every day, nothing changes. At first, it seems her only link with humanity is an unreliable radio. But she has other companions: miners who appear on the moorland, schoolgirls in white frocks, and one particular young woman who climbs onto the roof and won’t come down. Most peculiarly, the woman’s body starts to sprout the same lichen creeping over the flowers she is studying. We are told the year is 1973, but it seems to be all the years at once; time rolls back and forth like the tide, taking her with it.